Stylistically self-confessional, All My Women divides the psyche of a woman into chapters; The Child, The Masochist, The Healer, etc placing heavy emphasis on oceanic themes. Dalleo's work has an autobiographical flare, offering ambiguous commentary on moving to Maine as a young child & the influence it has over her sense of self. Her shorter poems are deliberate in their minimal/abstract nature. She offers ‘space’ for the reader to draw their own connections, offering sometimes obvious & more often hidden themes of angst, nostalgia, heartache, apathy and avoidance, beauty, and power. As the book progresses, she adopts a surreal, omniscient tone, “I am a woman who knows nothing / & yet / I write as if I made this all / As if I will be the one / To take it away”. Upon this, she utilizes cosmic visuals to further illustrate these self-antagonisms placing heavy symbolism upon planets mentioned. “I am burying a woman on Pluto / She had claimed to speak in tongues / But whenever she spoke / All I heard was a giggle from a star / The moan from a burning temple / The sound of a tiger / Eating its own flesh”. Her borderline aloof, abstract style attempts to uncover the psyche and observe its daulities/realities. The shift continues within her work, offering a facet of healing, “You speak of freedom / Freedom speaks of me”. All My Women is a dynamic confessional - a diary for all to read.

All My Women by Sophia Dalleo