Coast to Coast Dog Treats, Inc.


Tropical Tummy Tamers



Pumpkin/Coconut Flavor

*Organic pumpkin is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, aids in digestion

*Organic coconut is an antioxidant and antifungal, great for skin and coat



Organic oat flour, organic pumpkin, organic shredded coconut, organic cinnamon


Weight - 7 oz.


Shelf Life - 1 Year 12/1/2021


*Additional notes from Coast to Coast Dog Treats, Inc.

We mill our own Oat Flour and grind our own peanut butter.
We use local organic eggs.
Our Tropical Tummy Tamers and VEGAN for dogs with egg allergies.
We use oat flour and brown rice flour because they are hypoallergenic and easily digested. So excellent for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies. NO CORN, WHEAT or SOY in any of our treats!

Coast to Coast Dog Treats - Tropical Tummy Tamers (Pumpkin)