Songwriters Peter Donnelly and Jon Richardson form the folk duo Donnelly & Richardson. Since 2018 they have wowed audiences with their thoughtful harmonies, their arrangements, and their original songs. The Gift and the Rock is their debut album of entirely original material. Released May 2020.



Andrew Haig served as the sound engineer and producer. He also mixed and mastered the record. A classical composer by training, Mr. Haig has a passion for electronic music and studio recording. In 2019 he was a fellow at Tanglewood Music Center in the Berkshires. He's currently working on two orchestral commissions: one for the BSO at Tanglewood and for Ensemble intercontemporain. This is his second recording project with Peter and Jon.


The Gift and the Rock was recorded in Provincetown on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, where Peter and Jon both live. This product includes a CD with original album artwork by the acclaimed artist Peter Hutchinson. The album design work was done by Jonathan Hawkins and The Muse Presents. 


CD Songs Include:

  1) Mighty Mississippi

  2) Rockin' Ron Robin 

  3) Make Believe

  4) Dance All Night Long

  5) Too Far

  6) Morning Birds

  7) Still Waiting

  8) September Moon

  9) We Got Love

10) I Always Will

11) Dreaming Of You

12) Raccoon Peggy and Raccoon Pam

The Gift & The Rock - Donnelly & Richardson