After losing her beloved grandpa Charlie to cancer, fourteen-year-old Alden Proctor moves from New York City to Michigan when her mother takes a job to save the Pantages Theatre, an old Vaudeville house fated to be demolished. Few people recall the theatre’s prior existence. Well, few living people at least. But that’s all about to change.

Overweight, self-conscious, and sick of being bullied by skinny haters in Manhattan, Alden hopes Michigan will be a new beginning for her. But, shortly after her arrival, a neighborhood boy named Raccoon makes fun of her weight. Alden finds solace and a home in the theatre after befriending Walter, the old caretaker, and Julie, a tap-dancing theatre kid.

But the Pantages has a secret, and Alden unknowingly stumbles upon it. Someone, or something doesn’t want the theatre to reopen. Alden becomes a target, and she could be in danger. But Alden refuses to give up her newfound home. She’s going to fight against that someone—whether they are of this world or the next.

Theatre Ghost by Sarah A. Combs Autographed Copy


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